working from home ? Shield your home address

Are you putting your private address out there ?

Many self-employed business owners work from home and since the COVID crisis this number has only gone up. While being a small business owner that works from home has many benefits like flexibility and not having to pay for a commercial office, it does leave you exposed to bad actors. Your private address is registered on many forms and legally you also need to document your contact address on all outgoing communications.

Do you want all your customers to know where you live ?

hide your private home address

Don't invite crazies to your front door. Get a registered business post address from dutchmailer !

When you open a silver or gold account at dutchmailer.com you will have the piece of mind that your private home stays private. Your business mail will go to your personal secured mailbox and your business contact address no longer points to your home. You can use your dutchmailer address as your formal registered contact address in any country worldwide. When mail arrives at your dutchmailer box we will forward it to you anywhere in the world without the sender ever knowing your private home address.

No credit cards or identifications are needed to open your dutchmailer account. Simply sign up and you can start receiving secure post without exposing yourself within 5 minutes.

STOP advertising your private home address to everyone

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