Adidas special edition shoes forwarding

Adidas special edition shoes forwarding

admin / November 14, 2017

Since is often used to forward (adidas) shoes to their final location we have a special F.A.Q. for Adidas  customers.

** A typical  1 pair shoebox weighs less than 2 kg and can be forwarded anywhere in the world using our silver or gold plan.

** has no influence on the delivery of the adidas packages to our location. Adidas provides you with track trace to our location. Check your adidas TT number for delivery information. We can not help you with the delivery process as initiated by adidas.

** Adidas packs their products good. When packages do arrive damaged at our dutchmailer processing center we will tape them off for futher processing. After we submit your packages to PostNL or DHL we have no more influence on how the packages are handled.

** In case of damage : If you ordered track/trace on the forwarded packages we will include an insurance of Eur 100 per pair of sneakers. In case of damage you must report this immediately with your courier / delivery person and file a claim with DHL or PostNL. Your tracking number is your proof of insurance. can not help you with insurance claims.

** All countries outside of the European Union need a CN-23 form prepared. will automatically prepare these forms for you @ a 10 credit fee (fees waived with GOLD account). We will automatically declare the shipment as a "GIFT" with a value of Eur. 100,- for each shoebox in your delivery.

** Depending on your plan it can take up to 1 week before your parcels are processed. There is no need to send e-mails requesting to see if your parcel arrived. We will not answer them. Your parcels will show up in your online mailbox automatically and you will automatically receive an e-mail notifying you of such.

** Shoebox sized parcels require at minimum a silver account, but a gold account is ultimately cheaper ! If you opened a bronze account by accident you should close the account and open a silver or gold account. We can not refund for accounts that were already opened.

** If you opened a bronze account by accident we will temporarily upgrade your account to GOLD and charge you the difference (33 credits) on your first parcel. This temporary upgrade is only good for 1 month.  If you expect more packages in the following months you should open a new GOLD account and close your bronze account - we can not do this for you.

** The name on your silver or gold account must match the name on your adidas parcel. Misspelled or incorrect names will turn "orphaned". Orphaned mail is handled by a special staff member that will attempt to match the parcels manually. If an orphaned parcel is matched manually a 20 credit service charge will aplly. Please double check your name and address on the adidas parcels.

** We can not tell you in advance how many credits you need for forwarding as this depends on your country, added services and total weight. Your online mailbox will automatically notify you when parcels come in, and it will show you exactly how many credits you need to process your parcels.

** All incoming parcels are automatically put on HOLD and are kept in depot, until you request them to be forwarded in your online mailbox. We do not take forward orders per e-mail.

** When you request forwarding through your online mailbox we will forward your parcel within 48 hours. After we submit your parcel to PostNL or DHL we have NO influence on how long it takes to ultimately deliver your parcel. Typical turnaround times as handled by PostNL are approx. 1 week for EU addresses, 2-3 weeks for USA , 2-3 weeks for Australia , 3 weeks for rest of the world. Request track/trace to follow your package coming home.

Waive a lot of extra fees by being a preferred gold member !

** Adidas customers normally incurr a 10 credit charge at the front desk due to our staff having to sign for receipt and manually sorting the parcels. Also all customers outside the EU (european union) normally incurr a 20 credit charge for our staff having to draw up a CN-22 or CN-23 customs document. These charges (30 credits per item) will be waived automatically for all our GOLD members. (sorry, if you already have parcels in silver accounts we can not retro-active refund you when you open a new gold account).

To receive the best service for adidas parcel forwarding :

  1. open a GOLD account (all extra fees waived)
  2. make sure the address and NAME on the package is correct and matches your dutchmailer mailbox info
  3. allow up to 4 days for your items to show up in your online mailbox
  4. request forwarding WITH track & trace (optional) so you can follow your package home
  5. allow up to 10 days for your package to arrive ( has no influence on the speed with which DHL or PostNL processes your packages. Customs may cause some delays (brand name counterfeit checks).  National holidays may cause some delays.

** Adidas and are not associated in any way shape or form

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