track trace on outgoing mail items

Don't loose sight of your packages

When you request mail to be forwarded in your online mailbox you have the option to select track & trace on each and every item. While this feature is completely optional we highly recommend track/trace on your mail in case your mail gets lost along the way. With international mail forwarding your mail goes through a lot of hands and a lot of (subsidiary) mail services. Without track/trace you will not be able to see where a potential problem occurs with your mail.

Codes are not immediately available !

Dutchmailer uses a system of track/trace that automatically assigns track/trace numbers to mail items. These numbers are generated in bulk by either POSTNL or DHL and can be retrieved at a later date. At the time of forwarding dutchmailer.com does NOT yet have your track/trace numbers available.

Because we provide track/trace service for catastrophic events and unforseen problems with mail items,  we do not normally provide numbers in the first few days after forwarding. Your mail IS protected in case of problems but pulling numbers takes a certain amount of administrative tasks. Therefore we give out track/trace numbers upon request from 10 days forward after initial forwarding date. If you still havent received your item after 10 days you can send an e-mail to [email protected] and we can start an investigation for you.

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