They won’t ship to your location ! But we will !

can't get them to ship to you ? We will !

Do you also run in to this annoying issue from time to time ? You want to order something on the internet and at check-out you come to realise that this company will not ship to your location. Don't worry , we can help !

company will not ship to my address

Are you living in the 'wrong' country ? Or in the wrong part of the world ?

In today's global economy with internet at everyone's fingertips you would expect that shipping goods to every corner of the world is not an issue, but at dutchmailer.com we know better !

Many of our customers face shipping restrictions because they happen to live on an island, a remote part of the country or even in the 'wrong' or restricted country. Even today there are many companies that restrict sending their products to certain parts of the world. This could be because they want to control their shipping costs, but more often companies may restrict sending goods to other regions because of marketing tactics (Geo-blocking).

Global companies like NIKE or Adidas Converse or Reebok may for instance launch new products in their local market and will restrict shipping outside of the 'launch region' (Geo-blocking)

Companies like 23andme and other DNA or lab testing companies may restrict shipping sampling kits due to contract restrictions or competition rulings.

Dutchmailer will receive your goods and forward them to you

When you open a dutchmailer account all these restrictions are a thing of the past. Simply have your items shipped to your street address in the Netherlands and we will forward it to you anywhere in the world.

In the last decade dutchmailer has forwarded countless special edition sneakers, DNA testing kits, Nijntje merchandising, and 'first-light' products around the world. By using dutchmailer collectors , companies , private parties and entrepeneurs around the world have received products they would otherwise miss out on.

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