new personal contact hide your frontdoor mailbox

Meeting new people ? Hide your frontdoor !

new friends

We can tell you stories ..... of new romances starting online, of gifts wanting to be exchanged, of addresses being shared, and then ....

Don't give out your personal address just yet !

Sure, we understand that meeting new people is exciting and there comes a point that you'll have to trust one another. That does not mean though that you need to show people with ulterior motives the way to your house. Take it slow, and when it comes time to exchange some addresses, give them your Dutchmailer.com mailbox address. We'll collect your mail privately and forward it to you without your new potential friends knowing where you really are.

Heck, you don't even need to give them your real name. With a dutchmailer mailbox you can adopt any fictitious name you want ; We'll still send you your letters and maybe some unexpected gifts from that new person in your life. Then once you've received some physical mail in a secure matter, you can still decide to reveal your whereabouts .... or not !

Try us ! It's guaranteed risk-free

When you open a dutchmailer.com mailbox you do not need to provide credit-cards , you do not have to pay and you do not have to send personal information. Your first month of (bronze) membership is completely free of charge, you can cancel at any time with a single click of a button, and you receive free credits every month.

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