how to pay with XOOM

Step 1 : log in

go to log in with your paypal account , or sign up for service

Step 2 : select recipient country

tell XOOM that you want to transfer funds to the NETHERLANDS



Step 3 : tell XOOM how much you want to transfer

Click on the EU field and enter how many EURO's you want to send



Step 4 : select bank deposit



Step 5 : select ING BANK and enter account# :  NL22INGB0007376959



Step 6 : enter dutchmailer's details


When you do not include our e-mail as recipient e-mail we can not match your transfer to your mailbox.

in that case please send customer service an e-mail with your payment reference number (typically starts with ->  Trans.Reference:21020xxxxxx ) so we can match your payment with your mailbox.