How dutchmailer works

Dutchmailer instantly gives you a private & secure online mailbox tied to a dutch mailing address. With it you can anonymously receive letters and parcels at a physical dutch address and have it forwarded anywhere in the world.

Since 2012 our services are used by expats, multinationals, travellers, secret shoppers and private parties from every continent on the globe.

To get your service started, simple begin having your mail sent to our general mail address :

-your name -*
Suite 8521
oude rielseweg 11
5032 SH Tilburg
the Netherlands.

Then sign up as a member on our website and you will automatically start seeing your mail pieces appear in your secure member-area.

Mailing and Handling options

When you sign up as a member you will receive your own private online mailbox. Each time we receive a parcel or letter in your name you will receive an automated e-mail alert. The mail item will show up in your online mailbox, and stay there until we hear from you. For each item you can choose to :

  • Shred it : you are requesting your mail to be destroyed.
  • forward per mail : you request select mail pieces to be forwarded to you (Select any global address)
  • return to sender: mail will be returned to sender as undeliverable
  • hold until further notice: we will hold your mail in a secure environment until you tell us otherwise

Using the credit system in the member-area

Different mailing options require different efforts. While some options are free, other options may cost something extra (like stamps for forwarding mail). When you are logged in you will always be able to see how many credits are available to you, and how many credit you need to request additional services. If you are low on credits you can purchase extra credits, or you can simply wait a few days.

Each registered member accumulates free credits every month. These free credits are automatically added to your account every 30 days, and can be used to order any of our extra services.

Change your address as often as you like

You can adjust or change your own forwarding address in your online mailbox as many times as you like. If you are on the move a lot you can simply have your mail follow you around the world.

Want to try things first ?

You can take the member-area for a test-drive simply by logging in using our demonstration account. Feel free to change whatever you like, or order any option on the available mail items.  The demonstration account resets itself on each page-load.

demonstration username : freebie

demonstration password : tryit


Dutchmailer was featured on NOMAD CAPITALIST and many other fora and sites. Google also keeps track of dutchmailer reviews. Here are the latest ones :

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