Frequent questions

I have transferred money but it does not show up in my account

There may be several reasons why your funds are not arriving at your mailbox account :

# 1 : Most of the payment gateways work with (international) bank transfers. Banks are very secure but notoriously slow. It may take 2-3 working days for (international) funds to get processed inter-bank. Also, banks usually do not work during weekends, so if you pay on Friday after 17.00 hrs it may take up to Tuesday for funds to arrive and be processed. Please be patient and plan accordingly.

# 2 : We have received your funds but you or your bank did not submit your screenname in the description field. Now we have a payment that we can not match to your account with 100% certainty. If your credits do not show up after 3 working days please send customer service a screenshot or copy of your transfer so we can match the incoming payment with your mailbox. A staffmember will then manually process your payment.

What happens if I pause my account ?

You can pause your account by clicking the link all the way at the bottom of your "MY MAILBOX" page. When your account is paused it will no longer be charged for membership fees. If you re-activate your account later on by choosing a membership plan a 5 credit activation fee will be charged.
take note : Post that lingers in a paused account will still incurr holding charges (e.g. your credits go down over time) so make sure your mailbox is empty before you pause it. When a paused account goes below -100 credits all mail in the mailbox will be destroyed to prevent further accumulation of negative credit.

take note : think twice before you pause your account ! If you re-activate a bronze, silver or gold membership you will start a new 30 day membership and will be charged accordingly.

Can I switch membership plans ?

Yes, switching plans is easy.
You can upgrade from bronze to silver or gold and upgrade from silver to gold.
You can also downgrade any time from gold to silver or bronze and from silver to bronze plans.
When you switch plans the credits for the selected plan are immediately deducted from your account and the 30 day membership term is automatically reset to a new 30 day countdown period.

To switch : simply go to your online mailbox and click on the white text in the black box.
You can then instantly choose a new plan.

take note : changes instantly take effect and your account is charged immediately when you switch membership plans. Do not switch back-and-forth as it will cost you credits for each switch.
My item is not showing up in my online mailbox

Items arriving at our warehouse do not immediately show up in your mailbox. Depending on your service plan the turnaround times may vary from 7 to 30 days (see plans). To confirm that your item was delivered to our warehouse always use track-trace to follow your mail to our warehouse. Also make sure that "dutchmailer" and your screenname are correctly included in your address. Most of the mail items that do not make it to our warehouse have a wrong or incomplete address on the letter or parcel.

what happens to mail items if I suspend (pause) my mailbox ?

If you still have mail in your mailbox when you suspend it your mail items will still acummulate holding charges. If your account credits go negative mail inside your box is destroyed. You can re-open your mailbox at any time by re-activating a membership plan (5 extra activation credits apply)

what happens to mail if my credit balance goes negative ?

When your credit balance goes below zero your account is in arrears. You should top up your credit balance as soon as possible to request forwarding of any lingering mail items in your mailbox. If your balance goes below zero the clock starts ticking. Please note : If your balance goes beyond negative your mail may be destroyed to prevent charges from accumulating further.

why did my account get closed ?

Accounts with positive balances normally do not get closed but mailboxes may get paused or suspended. Under normal circumstances your mailbox stays open until you pause it yourself. If your account balance reached negative credits your mail may be destroyed and your mailbox may automatically get closed down by the system to stop further charges from accumulating.

My package is stuck with DHL or POSTNL, can you help ?

Dutchmailer forwards your mail using DHL or POSTNL, both large and reputable companies. Due to various circumstances (COVID-19, holidays, local events etc.) your mail can linger in their systems a bit longer than usual ; in almost all cases your mail will eventually arrive. In extremely few cases your mail item may get stuck in their systems for a while. Please be patient and check your track-trace code to follow your mail items online.  If your mail item seems to be stuck in the DHL or POSTNL supply-chain for longer than 40 days dutchmailer can request an investigation on your behalf.

How much does 1 credit cost ?

1 credit = 1 Euro. We use a credit system for your mailbox service as this will allow us to put some free credits in your account automatically (you get a few free credits each month if you keep your membership active).

I want to cancel my account - can you do that for me ?

No we can not cancel your account for you. Only you can do that.

When you log in to your mailbox and scroll all the way down you see the "PAUSE" button. With it you can pause and eventually abandon your mailbox. Your records will automatically be deleted after the required record-keeping period as mandated by local authorities. Please note that when your account shows a negative balance your account can not be cancelled or abandoned until you bring your account back in good standing (positive credit balance).

If you hold a negative balance you will continue to receive payment reminders until your account balance has been paid in full.

Why is customer service not answering me ?

Customer service is only available for extra-ordinary situations and when the requested information is not found on the F.A.Q. list or website.
Please make sure to read through the entire F.A.Q. list and the "How it works" section in the dutchmailer menu. All questions that have been asked over the last 8 years are answered here.
Only in very special cases will customer service communicate directly with you. If you ask a question that has not been addressed in the FAQ our staff will add the answer to the FAQ list so everyone can read the answer.

Can I change the forwarding address ?

you can change your credentials using the form in your mailbox below your forwarding address. Please note that if you change your forwarding address this will apply to the NEXT future  mail item that comes in to your mailbox. Please time your changes accordingly. You can no longer change the address for items that have already shown up in your mailbox. All incoming items are automatically married to the address on record at the time they are logged into the system.

Can you see where my package is now ?

Quick answer : NO !

We highly recommend you to purchase track/trace with all items you have forwarded to you. When you request track/trace our system will automatically request tracking from PostNL or DHL. You can find the tracking number in your mailbox log file.

if you do not order track/trace there is no way for you (or anyone else) to see what is happening with your mail !

Choosing not to get track/trace will save you money, but it will also put your mail at risk. The choice is yours. Dutchmailer can not do anything for you in this case.

How long does it take for my mail to arrive ?

Dutchmailer is not created for speed or express service. Most of our customers use dutchmailer to hold mail and have it sent through occassionally. The speed of delivery depends on a few things :

Bronze, silver or gold plan 

Each plan has a different processing time. Bronze for instance may be processed only once a month , while silver and gold accounts are processed faster.

Once you request forwarding of your mail in your online mailbox it may take up to 5 working days for the items to be processed by PostNL or DHL. Once processed the mail will go on it's way to you. All services use economy to forward so how long a package or letter takes to reach you is entirely up to the mail-carrier (postNL or DHL). Dutchmailer has NO influence on the speed of delivery.

Some economy deliveries take 7-10 business days, some may take several weeks. This also greatly depends on the final destination and your local mail services.

If you want to follow your mailitems we STRONGLY URGE YOU to purchase track/trace with your request for forwarding.

what mail carriers do you use to forward mail ?

Dutchmailer works exclusively with PostNL or DHL economy , no exceptions here. Dutchmailer is not set up for express or overnight service. ALL parcels will either go with PostNL or DHL. While we sometimes get requests for expedited service we can not accomodate as the entire system is built around economy pricing and an economy coupling with DHL/PostNL.
Dutchmailer is built for people that do not requ ire time-critical service and want the lowest prices.
Whether PostNL or DHL is used is at the sole discretion of

how much does it cost to forward my package / letter ?

The pricing for various packages and letters depend on the weight, size and destination of your mail. You can see pricing info here : In your online mailbox you can always see how much a particular package or letter costs to forward. You will also receive an automated e-mail when a mailpiece has been added to your mailbox. In this e-mail you can also see how many credits it takes to forward that particular mail item.

23 and me anonymous DNA test mail forwarding worldwide

Dutchmailer processed a lot of " 23 and me " DNA test kits to be forwarded to countries worldwide. The 23-and-me DNA test can be controversial or revealing and there are many people that want to get DNA tested in secret or want to do this in complete anonimity. Using the dutchmailer forwarding services you can have your 23 and me testkit sent to your address in the Netherlands and we will forward it to you completely anonymous to any address of your choosing.

DNA testing done easy and discreet without revealing your true identity.

My carrier says I need to pay import taxes - will you pay them ?

Short answer , No !

Under no circumstances will our staff ever pay fees to a driver, delivery person or carrier. All customs fees, import taxes or other fees need to be paid directly by you to the carrier. Most carriers will allow you to open an account with them. If you have an account (for instance with TNT express or DHL ) they will send you an invoice per mail which you can simply pay through bank transfer afterwards. This way there is no delay in package handling. This option is also a lot cheaper, as carriers will charge you hefty fees for one-time collections.

Most senders (especially chinese webshops etc.) will also allow you to pre-pay taxes and fees at time of ordering. This saves you a lot of trouble receiving items from outside europe in your dutch mailbox.

can I use a fake or different name ?

mail is always forwarded under the name that is on the incoming parcel or letter. You can use ficticious names through but the name on the parcel must match the name on your mailbox and on the outgoing packages.

so, you can use a different name, provided the incoming parcel, your mailbox, and the outgoing parcel match the same name.

you can not : receive a parcel with name "A" and have it sent out under name "B"

why is my credit balance going up ?

You may find that the system puts extra credits in your account from time to time. These credits are free for you to use and are awarded to you each month your account is in good standing. You do not need to do anything special for it. Just keep your balance healthy (don't let it go below zero) and you will accumulate free credits automatically.

You will see free credits showing up in your account overview as "daily points".

Why is my credits balance going down ?

Normally, the only reason your credit-balance goes down is when you request us to provide a service for you (like forwarding a package or a letter). This does not happen automatically but is in response to a request you make from within your online mailbox.

There is 1 occassion where points are deducted from your account automatically :

  • Holding charges : When you decide you want us to hold your mail for you in a secure environment the system will automatically deduct some credits every week. There is no limit to the amount of time you can keep your mail on hold, just make sure you have enough credits in your account.
How are holding charges calculated ?

You can keep mail in your secure mailbox for as long as you want. The first 7 days for each mail item are free, thereafter 1 credit is deducted every week for holding your mail item. If items stay beyond 4 weeks a 3 credit charge per week applies, beyond 8 weeks a 5 credit charge per week applies, and beyond 12 weeks a 7 credit charge per week applies without limits on the total amount of time you want to keep mail in your box. Just make sure to keep your credit balance healthy.

I have a bronze account but want to receive bigger parcels

Bronze accounts are primarily geared towards users that receive mail which fits a normal letterbox. max. 38 x 26 x 3 cm. (mailbox size)  When you want to start receiving larger items or want to have your mail processed faster you can (and should) upgrade to a higher membership plan immediately.

Can I pick up my parcels at the counter ?

No. Although our front desk is staffed every day from 09.00 untill 17.30 hrs. to receive incoming mail, you can not pick up your mail in person. This is due to security reasons. When you use your online mailbox we can confirm that you are the same person that opened the mailbox and are allowed to access it. Also, because allows you to change the (ficticious) name on your mailbox any time you want, we can not match a person holding an identification card at our front desk to a particular mailbox with 100% certainty.

Will you consolidate mail ?

Consolidating mail means that several smaller packages and/or letters are re-packed into one larger box. Because of national mail servicing laws dutchmailer can NOT provide consolidation services for you. Ask your sender to consolidate items before they arrive at your mailbox. All mail items are forwarded unopened, unaltered and with all labels attached. Dutchmailer service is limited to re-mailing your items using DHL or POSTNL.

Can I use to forward large packages ?

Yes, depending on the plan you choose you can use dutchmailer to process packages up to 15 Kilograms and a maximum size of 80x50x35 centimeters when you open a Gold member plan. Please select the apropriate plan to suit your needs in parcel dimensions and parcel weight.

How long can I keep mail on hold ?

Most national mailing services will hold your mail for a short period of time (e.g. when you go on vacation) but this service is very limited. Dutchmailer can hold your mail for as long as you want and as long as your mailbox is kept open. Each mail item shows up in your personal online mailbox and it will stay there until you click on it and choose to either have it forwarded or destroyed, One week or one year, it's not a problem with

Will dutchmailer open my mail ?

NO, dutchmailer staff will never open your mail under any circumstances. Sometimes parcels may come in that were opened by customs to check contents but these are sealed again by customs prior to arriving at the dutchmailer hub. If parcels or letters appear damaged dutchmailer may re-pack them or secure them with a new wrapper. In any event the original packaging, stickering, addresses and notices always remain on your mail items.

Can I use my dutchmailer mailbox when I register at the chamber of commerce ?

Your mailing address can be used as the formal main correspondence address or postal address of your business. This means that all official mail can go through your dutchmailer online mailbox and from there it can be forwarded anywhere in the world. You can not however use the dutchmailer mailing address as physical visiting address or to establisch domicile.

Can I use dutchmailer for my business ?

Yes, there are no restrictions on using as a business entity. In fact, many businesses do ! Some just want to establish a mailing address in the Netherlands while others use dutchmailer as their main correspondence address. Either way, you can  have all your business mail flowing through with no problems.

Are my mail items insured against loss or damage ?

No, standard forwarding does not include insurance against loss or damage.  We highly recommend ordering tracktrace on your outgoing mail. Jf track/trace was ordered and tracktrace credits have been processed and were charged to your account you may file a claim against the carrier 60 days after the event in case of loss or damage (DHL / PostNL). If can provide you with a valid tracktrace code from a reputable shipping company or mail carrier your claim is against DHL / POSTNL. can help mediate on the claim.

While your items are on premises or while your items are in posession of each item is insured against loss or damage in a catastrophic event until 24 hours after submits your parcel to your online mailbox for further processing. The following terms apply  :

parcels : maximum insured value Eu 40,- per parcel regardless of content (requires verification of content with your claim)

letters : maximum insured value EU 10,- per letter regardless of content

In any event you can have a maximum of 10 items covered under the insurance program at any given time.

what are inactivity fees ?

When you have not logged in to your account for 180 days or longer your account starts to incurr inactivity fees automatically. To avoid inactivity fees simply log in to your account at least once every half year. 

Will you return my item to sender ?

No, due to security regulations we can ONLY send your items to the registered address that you put on your mailbox record at the time your mail item is booked in. You can not change a particular item's address once it is booked in. You can not request a return to sender, you can only request forwarding to the address that is on record.

hidden to senders but not from law-enforcement

When you use to forward mail, you, as the recipient, are completely unknown or anonymous to the sender of the mail piece. This can be beneficial in a number of circumstances. However, your actions and identity are not hidden from law-enforcement !

Dutchmailer actively works with law-enforcement and (inter)national mail carriers to report suspicious or illegal activities. As such your mail items may (and will) be subjected to investigation and may be tracked to it's final destination by customs or (inter)national law enforcement agencies.

A word of advise if you think of sending 'questionable' contents

Using a mail-forwarding service like your mail item passes many more checkpoints along it's way compared to direct mail service. This results in "cleaner" services as illegal content is much more likely to be intercepted or tracked. Since your mail goes past multiple carriers and agencies your mail is also much more likely to get checked and scanned in various ways. Every carrier entry-point or border crossing uses different scanning techniques to find illegal or harmful contents.

Don't use to send or receive questionable content. Also remember that some content may be legal in one country but may become illegal as it passes certain borders. When you order mail to be forwarded to you through a forwarding service like you become both the sender and the receiver of a mail item so you are always fully accountable and responsible for the contents of any mail you receive through a forwarding service.