Add credits to your account

How can I add credits to my account ?

option 1 - bank transfer  (easy - always works - 1-2 days to process)

You can add credits by transferring funds into your dutchmailer account. When making payment remember that 1 credit = 1 euro.
Also always make sure to add your screenname in the description field ! (When you are logged in your screenname is shown on every page next to "HELLO ...." above)

add credits to your mailbox by making an international bank transfer

ING BANK : NL22 INGB 0007 3769 59

account name : bijdonna
ING Bank N.V. - Foreign Operations
PO Box 1800 - 1000 BV Amsterdam

option 2 - through direct payment link (very fast)

use one of the fixed payment links below to add credits - clicking on a link will instantly give you a choice of different payment providers. Do note that certain payment providers may charge a small transfer fee. Your credit balance is raised based on the net-amount as received by Payment provider : Mollie

LINK for EU 25,- transfer : TRANSFER EU 25,- to my dutchmailer account

LINK for EU 50,- transfer : TRANSFER EU 50,- to my dutchmailer account

LINK for EU 100,- transfer : TRANSFER EU 100,- to my dutchmailer account

LINK for EU 250,- transfer : TRANSFER EU 250,- to my dutchmailer account

LINK for EU 500,- transfer : TRANSFER EU 500,- to my dutchmailer account

LINK for EU 1000,- transfer : TRANSFER EU 1.000,- to my dutchmailer account

POLAND - Przelewy24 / sofort

BELGIUM - Belfius direct Net  / KBC - CBC / Bancontact /sofort

GERMANY - Giropay / sofort

AUSTRIA - EPS / sofort

ITALY - sofort

SPAIN - sofort


WORLDWIDE - bank transfer