About dutchmailer.com

Dutchmailer.com was established in 2012 to accomodate expats on the move in Europe. Since then the company expanded into global business catering to large multinationals, companies, travellers, expatriots and private parties from over 120 countries.

Privacy and anonymity

Since all mail is forwarded anonymously, dutchmailer is also preferred by entities that want to remain hidden from the original sender. There are many legitimate reasons why recipients want their address or identity hidden from the mailer. Dutchmailer caters to :

  • Secret shoppers - Companies that purchase competitor products for testing and comparing
  • Personals / First contact - people about to embark on their romantic adventures but still keeping things private.
  • Divorcee's / Abuse situations - people that need to stay in contact for official documents but do not want to reveal their whereabouts any longer.
  • etc.

More options @ lower prices

While there are some other mail forwarding services provided by postNL these options are typically very basic and very expensive.  Since dutchmailer.com specializes in the mailforwarding business we can offer broader services at extremely low rates.



Plans starting at just Eur. 5,- a month. Starting at 49 euro's per month (PostNL)
No minimum or maximum contract lenght Only 6 month contract - extension not possible.
Hold mail as long as you want Will not hold mail
Change forwarding address as often as you like Not possible to change forwarding address
Suitable as business address (no domicile) Business addresses not allowed
Forwards internationally to every global destination Only forwards to dutch addresses.

.... "In a comparison against all national dutch postal services dutchmailer.com is on average 43% cheaper while it provides more mailing options and online access to every mail item " ....

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