How it works

Instantly open an anonymous European mailbox
with global forwarding and a real Dutch street address

global mail forwarding

Dutchmailer instantly gives you a private & secure online mailbox tied to a European mailing address in the Netherlands. With it you can anonymously receive letters and parcels at a physical dutch address and have it forwarded anywhere in the world. Use it as a business address or simply have your private mail delivered and forwarded. 

Since 2012 our services are used by expats, multinationals, smaller companies from around the world, travellers, secret shoppers and private parties from every continent on the globe.

10+ years of proven reliability - no other mail forwarding company even comes close !

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Simple to start, ready in 2 minutes and your first month is FREE !

You can register here and have your mailbox up and running within 2 minutes. After you select a bronze, silver or gold plan you will get instant verification of your mailbox. There is no need to pay anything now and no credit-cards are required.  You get free credits during registration which will cover a full month of bronze membership and will put extra credits into your account just for checking us out.

You can already get your service started now and have your mail sent to our general mail address below. Simply register before your first mail arrives at our warehouse and you are all set. 
< your screenname >
Kapitein Rondairestraat 3-1
5015 BC Tilburg
the Netherlands.

flexible mailing and handling options

When you sign up as a member you will instantly receive your own private online mailbox. Each time you receive a parcel or letter in your mailbox you will receive an automated e-mail alert. The mail item will also show up in your online mailbox, and stay there until you take further action. For each item you can choose to :

Shred it : you are requesting your mail to be destroyed.

forward per mail : you request select mail pieces to be forwarded to you (Select any global address)

hold until further notice : hold your mail in a secure environment until you are ready to move forward

No credit-cards are needed with our secure credit system

Instead of unsecure payment gateways dutchmailer uses a propriatary credit system to handle charges tied to our services. Different mailing options require different efforts and different memberships have different fees. While some options are free, other options may cost something extra (like stamps for forwarding mail). When you are logged in you will always be able to see how many credits are available to you, and how many credit you need to request additional services. If you are low on credits you can purchase extra credits through secure bank transfer, or you can simply wait a few days for more free credits.

Each registered member accumulates some free credits every month while the account is in good standing. Free credits are automatically added to your account every 30 days, and can be used to order any of our extra services.

Be anonymous & change your address as often as you like

You can use any name you want for your mailbox, as long as it matches the name on the incoming letters and parcels. You can also adjust or change your forwarding address in your online mailbox as many times as you like. If you are travelling around or move from time to time you can simply have your mail follow you anywhere around the world. Due to the nature of our services you as the recipient are totally anonymous to the sender. This comes in handy for secret shoppers, competitors, divorcees, romantic contacts, and anyone that wants to stay hidden from the sender.

Trusted since 2012 and by far the cheapest option

Dutchmailer was established in 2012 and is now serving customers in 100+ countries worldwide. As Holland's oldest running private online anonymous mailbox forwarding firm we take pride in serving you a full range of mail forwarding and holding options with full discretion that no other company can offer. In comparison to the largest national postal service (postNL) dutchmailer offers more options with greater flexibility at far lower prices

What is dutchmailer not ?

Dutchmailer is not the regular postal service.

We provide instant online mailboxes without identity checks and with anonymizer services. Besides that we provide extra services that regular postal services do not, but Dutchmailer is NOT made for speed so do not expect overnight delivery, and Dutchmailer is NOT a bare bones discount service. As a special service provider beyond the regular postal services Dutchmailer operates in the premium segment and should not be regarded as a substitute for basic mailing companies.

Josef Brother
Josef Brother
Great, I recommend it, I am satisfied with the services. TheRock2014
Y Prof
Y Prof
Easy to spin an account together! - jimzip
Michael Brookes
Michael Brookes
They have been brilliant with me just took me a few days to get hang of the service just deposited awaiting credits look forward in reviewing overall service hang in their in the post lol
Ewan Godfrey
Ewan Godfrey
Great service! @Enigma